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Welcome to the UK’s leading

Advanced Title Splitting Property Training Company.

Providing training and support to UK and International investors on
how to utilise title splitting to build a profitable future proof portfolio.

This is just the beginning of your property journey…

We provide training and support to UK and International investors on how to utilise title splitting to build a profitable future proof portfolio. Helping you to apply the title splitting strategy (also referred to as freehold – leasehold) to create cash flow and long-term equity growth as a hold and sell strategy.

An Introduction to Title Split

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Freehold to Leasehold

Granting a lease from a freehold is a lucrative option that many landlords and property developers have used to maximise value. This could include, for example, dividing a large house into flats or utilising permitted development on a commercial property.

Our experts can guide you through the process of splitting freehold titles with the Land Registry, as well as navigating deal structures, mortgages and refinancing (if required).

We all had a massive reason to get in to property in the first place…

Perhaps it was the thought of financial wealth and making millions.

Maybe you wanted to spend more quality time with your family.

Or that you just wanted to work for yourself and sack your boss.

Whatever your why, you are probably now reaping the rewards of your hard work and commitment. The reality is many of us have created great cashflow in the early days and then thought, how do we step it up to the next level.

Title Split Explained

Are you ambitious?

Have you looked at commercial property, commercial to residential, apartment developments, buying land and creating new builds to sell or build to rent?

Huge profits are available to those who learn some or all of these Title Splitting strategies. Splitting titles is the natural progression of the ambitious property entrepreneur. I am sure you very quickly realised that reaching great cashflow and financial freedom was just the beginning of your property journey.

What are the Benefits of Title Splitting?

In many instances, developers embark on projects in these categories thinking that Title Splitting is easy and can wait until later. Here are the questions we get asked regularly by experienced property investors:

What is the main benefit of Title Splitting?

You can expect 25%-35% capital uplift in most areas by splitting the block. Once the apartments, houses or land are individually saleable, they have a higher comparable valuation. You can now sell to individuals rather than investors at retail market price. Another massive benefit of Title Splitting is to sell some units and keep others to lower your Loan to Value ratio (LTV) on remaining units.

When is the best time to split the titles on property/land?

Title Splitting property and land is complex, so the best time to split will depend on your specific circumstances – there is no one size fits all solution. To find out more, follow our free download link to get started.

Should I create separate units by Title Splitting?

You should always create leasehold from freehold (Title Split) in the main unit at the earliest point possible to create capital uplift. We can show you how to create 25-35% capital uplift by doing this.

Should I keep my building on one freehold title or not?

You should never keep your apartments on one freehold! Title Splitting early gives you access to instant and long-term capital growth. Why would you want to leave the capital in your block by not Title Splitting it?

Is it ok to split my title later when I sell?

You can split later when you sell. However this means leaving all the extra capital in your portfolio until you do sell. A much better solution is to split early and release the equity to either lower your LTV or use it for other projects. Most investors have circumstances that mean they have to sell as a block (unless they have Title Split earlier). This means giving a cheaper price to another investor to sell their block.

What are the best types of buildings for Title Splitting?

The best types of buildings for Title Splitting are the following:

  • Multiple flats in one building on one freehold (MUFB)
  • Commercial buildings that are being converted to residential buildings
  • Mixed-use commercial and residential buildings
  • Buildings where commercial elements need to be added into a SSAS (Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme)
  • Commercial buildings that you want to break up into smaller units

Title Splitting is also perfect when you want to keep some units and flip others.

What documentation is required for a Title Split?

The documentation for Title Splitting includes the creation of leases, correct company structures and plans for the Land Registry. We strongly recommend working with a cohesive and comprehensive team of professionals to support the process.

Can I split a freehold title if I have a mortgage?

Yes, but it is imperative that the title is split at the right time in the mortgage process. Clients can get guidance on this from our trained team of property professionals.

What are the tax implications of Title Splitting?

There are many tax savings to be made if Title Splitting is implemented at the right time in the process, with the right tax documentation. Please note that even though taxes are slightly higher for Title Splitting in some instances (not all), this is completely offset by the additional capital growth (25%-35%) of the initial Title Split. Your taxes will never be higher than the capital added to your portfolio when the Title Split is done correctly.

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About Us

Meet Rachel Knight!

Rachel Knight, property developer and accomplished International Property trainer, stands as a leading expert in maximising property profits utilising the strategic approach of Title Splitting property and land. Rachel’s professional journey has encompassed roles as a Sales Director, Training Director, and consultant in prominent global corporations. Recognising the huge value that Title Splitting adds to properties, Rachel was inspired to extend this opportunity to fellow investors. From this inspiration, was founded.

Through the resources offered by, Rachel Knight, along with an outstanding power team, guide and support property portfolio developers in harnessing the immense potential of Title Splitting as a fundamental property strategy. Today, stands as the foremost advanced property training company in the UK, offering step-by-step guidance and assistance to UK and international investors, ensuring they achieve optimal cash flow, equity growth, and all their money back out from their deals.


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