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Title Split Masterclass


Imagine surpassing your property investment ambitions to increase capital uplift by 25-35%.

Now, imagine achieving this with a diversified strategy that ensures equal cash flows and larger capital growth, all while guaranteeing a Money In Money Out (MIMO) deal. This is the essence of the Title Split strategy.

The Title Split Masterclass is meticulously designed to equip you with this method and support you in its effective application within your investments, guiding you every step of the way. Are you ready to revolutionise your property investment approach and unlock unparalleled financial growth?

Who are

Title Split?

As the UK’s premier institution for Title Splitting education, Title Split, led by our founder Rachel Knight, offers CPD-accredited programs that blend extensive industry experience, insider knowledge, and robust legal insights.

What is the Title Split


This masterclass will guide you through leveraging permitted development rights to effortlessly create additional units, pinpoint prime opportunities for Title Splitting, and address your deal-related queries.

Who should enrol in the Title Split Masterclass?

Tailored for a broad spectrum of real estate enthusiasts, Title Split Masterclass is perfect for those looking to take their investment game to the next level:

  • Property investors who want to diversify their strategy for deeper market impact.
  • Developers who are keen on maximising project value through innovative techniques.
  • Landlords who are aiming to boost their portfolio and income for long-term success.

This program is your gateway to advanced real estate insights and practices.

What will you Learn?

Fundamentals of Title Splitting

Convert freehold into multiple leaseholds, enhancing your investment’s value, and learn how Title Splitting a property can add hundreds of thousands in equity.

Leveraging Legal Rights

Use permitted development rights to your advantage, creating more units from the same property.

Spotting Opportunities

Identify properties ripe for Title Splitting, leading to significant equity uplift, based on property values.

Financial Strategies

  • Structure deals for profitability, reducing mortgage payments, and increasing portfolio performance, with a view on substantial equity gains.

Why choose this Masterclass?

Under the expert guidance of Rachel Knight and a team of seasoned professionals, you’ll embark on an intensive journey, learning through practical, real-world scenarios. We’re not just talking about theory; we’re about actionable insights that you can apply to your projects immediately.

Ready to transform your property portfolio?

This is your chance to gain a competitive edge in the property market. Secure your spot now and start the journey to significantly increasing your property portfolio’s value. For more details and to enroll, contact Title Split today.

Title Split Explained