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Title Split for Beginners


If you’re an upcoming property developer, chances are you’ve been recommended endless strategies to help you stake a claim in an already crowded market.

However, one strategy you may not be aware of is dividing a single freehold property into several leaseholds. This strategy, otherwise known as Title Splitting, allows you to super-size your property portfolio for a capital uplift of 25 to 35%!

Title Split are the leading experts in advanced Title Splitting training. We help professionals hone their entrepreneurial skills and realise their ambitions, with step-by-step guidance under the leadership of our founder Rachel Knight. With so much potential for cashflow and capital growth, you’re sure to gain massive returns on your investment in our Title Split training courses.

Title Split for Beginners is split into two phases:

Phase 1

Six Figure Property Hub

Phase 1 of Title Split for Beginners consists of the following:

  • 45 modules of intensive online training that equips you with the tools needed to buy, refurbish and finance property.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Creative Finance, Property Flipping, Buy to Let strategies, high yield HMOs and more!
  • Access to monthly Group Deal Clinics/Q&As, which run as evening sessions throughout the course of the training. In these sessions, you’ll be able to bring your own deals for group analysis to ensure maximum profits.

Once you have completed these modules, you’ll be ready to move to Phase 2 of our training.

Phase 2

Title Split Mastermind for Experienced Investors

This phase of our training is for experienced investors and developers who have the knowledge and ambition to take things to the next level:

  • You’ll be invited to a live three day training session. This is an intensive process, but there’s no limit to what you can achieve upon completion!
  • We are the only company in the UK offering this training, so we’re giving you a rare opportunity to get ahead of your competition.
  • We also train solicitors, architects, accountants and brokers, so you’ll be fully supported as you work towards rapid portfolio growth through title splitting.
  • Upon completion of Phase 2, you’ll get full 24/7 access to the online training modules for one year.

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you haven’t attended Title Split training, you can claim a full refund within 14 days. However, we are so confident that you will make your money back on your first Title Split deal that if you did not make your money back (by following the exact methods we teach you) then we will refund the difference between the profit and your training costs.

Ready to maximise profits and speed up your portfolio growth?

Contact Title Split today to get started.

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