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Title Split Mastermind for Experienced Investors


Over the last few decades, people looking to capitalise on the property market have looked to HMOs and serviced accommodation.

These strategies are proven to increase cashflow, but delivering long-term capital growth is where they fall short.

Title Splitting is the only Money In Money Out (MIMO) strategy left, delivering higher cashflow and sustainable capital growth in an increasingly saturated market. With Title Split Mastermind for Experienced Investors, you’ll discover how this strategy can help you diversify your portfolio for maximum profit.

Who are

Title Split?

If you are unfamiliar with Title Split, we are the UK’s leading provider of advanced Title Splitting training. Under the leadership of our founder, Rachel Knight, Title Split’s CPD-accredited courses combine years of industry experience, insider expertise and sound legal knowledge to help property professionals boost their income and equity.

What is the Title Split

Mastermind for Experienced Investors?

Title Split Mastermind for Experienced Investors is an advanced training course that will help property investors, developers and landlords get wealthier with fewer deals by utilising a strategy proven to enhance capital uplift by 25 to 35%.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you will learn over three enriching days of live training:

How to get as much money as possible out of every property deal
How to get the highest valuation on TitleSplit blocks
How to make your mortgage payments lower

The content itself is complex, but over the course of the training, you will obtain a deep understanding of how to get the most out of Title Splitting. Furthermore, you’ll have recorded access to the training for a further twelve months, so you feel supported and confident as you embark on your Title Splitting journey.

With Title Split Mastermind for Experienced Investors, you’ll have access to expert consultative training that is not available anywhere else – giving you a crucial advantage in a competitive market. This will ensure that whatever your chosen exit strategy, you have the maximum equity possible.

Who would benefit from Title Split Mastermind for Experienced Investors?

Title Split Mastermind for Experienced Investors is aimed at the following:

  • Savvy investors who have successful portfolios and are looking to diversify away from HMOs and Serviced Accommodation (SA).
  • Investors who know that commercial finance values can decrease over time, so are looking to protect the long-term value of their portfolio.
  • Property developers who are either experienced or ambitious and newly trained, and are intent on creating higher income and rent equity.
  • Experienced landlords who want to increase cashflow and capital growth by splitting properties on one freehold.

As an advanced training course, Title Split Mastermind for Experienced Investors is suitable for property professionals who are either educated or highly experienced, and want to make as big a difference as possible to their portfolio growth.

If you fit any of the above criteria, we’re confident that this course will give you the tools you need for long-term success. Contact Title Split today to find out more.

Total peace of mind with our 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Gain full confidence with our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee, offering a complete refund if our Title Split strategies don’t lead to your investment’s recovery on your initial deal. We promise to return the gap between your earnings and the course cost, demonstrating our trust in the transformative power of our training. Eager to begin? Reach out to us and start your path to success.


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