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Title Split Training

Interested in increasing your cashflow and equity while also diversifying your property portfolio?

If so, you’d be a prime candidate for our accredited Title Split training courses. Our founder, Rachel Knight, has helped countless investors find the ideal opportunities to create new leasehold units from freehold properties.

With Title Split’s training courses, you’ll be introduced to a strategy that will give you a whole new perspective on how to monetise your property portfolio – this could be vital in an increasingly competitive market. In fact, our training will show how you can gain capital uplift of 25 to 35%!


Our Title Split Training Courses

Title Split Masterclass

With the Title Split Masterclass, you’ll get to grips with how this exclusive strategy can increase capital growth and cashflow.

You will be shown how to utilise permitted development rights to your advantage so that you can diversify your property portfolio with additional units. You’ll also learn how to spot new opportunities for title splitting, helping you uplift equity in an instant.

Title Split for Beginners

Split over two phases, this is a comprehensive introduction on how you can get massive returns on your investment in the property market.

You’ll start with an intensive course of online property training, where you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to buy, refurbish and refinance properties. Once completed, you’ll then be invited to join our exciting live 3 day Title Split Mastermind for Experienced Investors.

Title Split Mastermind for Experienced Investors

This advanced training course is aimed at market-savvy professionals who are looking to gain as much profit as possible from fewer deals.

This course has been designed for experienced and educated landlords, property developers and investors who feel that they are ready to take that next step towards long-term portfolio growth.

Signing up for this course entitles you to three days of live training. You’ll also get an additional twelve months of recorded access to guide you in your implementation of the Title Split strategy.


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We are going to show you how to achieve massive profits when you Title Split. In this Free Download, we show you how this is possible. Register here:

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